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I will take photos of any order within a 25 mile radius of Boston, Ma or Sarasota, Fl for an additional $100. If you prefer to take your own photos and mail them or email digital photos, please follow these guidelines:

TIPS for taking good photographs for paintings. whenever possible use a good quality digital camera and email the full size image. In our experience, digital images provide higher resolution and better focus detail than most people achieve with a camera and developed film. Polaroids are the worst alternatives because of the lack of depth in most photos.

1. Light- It is best to photograph the angle of your house that you like best when full sunlight is hitting that side of the house and you can position yourself with the sun behind you without casting a shadow. another alternative is to shoot in "flat light". Flat light exists either early in the morning or on an overcast day when clouds hide the direct sunlight. The point is to try to get the photo you want without deep shadows which obstruct features of the house.

2. Camera angle. A photograph taken from a low angle will make a home appear larger, but can also distort some of the good features of a house. Try to take the photos from a standing position far enough from the house to see the entire house within the frame. Chose the side of the house or the features of the house that you like the best. Take close-ups of your favorite features.

3. Number of photos. Take one main photo from the angle you like and then several others, so we can discuss the composition of the painting and the size of the painting that captures what you want to show about the house in a painting. Take a few angles and some close ups of distinctive features. While I can not return all photos, this will help me to understand the emotional "feel of the house" for you.

4. What to Include/Exclude. Take at least 5 to 6 shots of the the home or building. The entire structure should be in the picture. The photos must include the roof, a portion of the sky above the roof, the left and right sides of the structure and the landscaping that needs to be included in the drawing. If you do not want cars, trash cans or people to be included in the drawing, please move them out of view before taking your photographs. While these can be removed from a painting, charges might be added for the extra time and communication involved, so simply avoid this whenever possible.

5. I will provide mailing instructions or an email address with your payment. Please place your order and then use this order form to provide me with your contact information.

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