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Starting with WGBH Educational Television, we produced a number of documentaries during the 1990s on Boston's Big Dig. Along the way we produced several cable documentaries including one award winner on Domestic Violence (DV), Sisters Mothers, Daughters. We invite you to watch the trailers and consider a purchase. 100% of funds from sales support the operations of the non-profit organization Arts & Education.
This half hour documentary commemorates the lives of two women and one teenager murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. Currently in use by law enforcement agencies, domestic violence agencies and several branches of the US military, the documentary is accompanied by a leadership guide for use in training and classrooms.

The Boston Globe's Ann Driscoll writes, "Sisters, Mothers, Daughters is...a compelling, powerful and poignant video on domestic violence."

"A must see for domestic violence workers, law enforcement officials and youth dealing with dating violence. My seasoned, professional staff were riveted..." Margo Casey, former Executive, Help for Abused Women and their Children.
Sisters, Mothers, Daughters Domestic Violence Video
Available in DVD Format with Fundraising Leadership Guide at $49.95

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"They say that killers don't see their victims as people like themselves; they see an object, a thing, something less than human. Here conversations with sisters, parents, children....bring the 'humanity' back to these tragically lost lives. I still found it riveting and unbearably sad."
Recommended: E.Druda, Video Librarian.

"this is not a sad's a tribute to three young women...filled with funny and touching stories about family life." Tom Dalton, The Salem Evening News.
Producer, Dale Orlando is CEO of Polaris Production LLC. Her company produces video for cable, broadcast TV and the web. Part of her sustained social activism for the dignity of women has focused upon domestic violence.

To capture the intimate portraits seen in Sister, Mothers, Daughters, the families of women who were killed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire were contacted through recommendations from Help for Abused Women and their Children (HAWC) and the Domestic Violence Programs of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire District Attorneys' offices. We are grateful for their help.

Visit Arts & Education to learn more about the discounts we offer for their members. An individual DVD of Sisters, Mothers Daughters can be made for you for an additional $25 if you complete our Contact Form to order. Allow 3 weeks for shipping.
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