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All custom house paintings and signed art, including limited edition art require time and services that can take from 4-7 weeks. Depending upon the size of the art and medium, custom house portraits may range in price from $499-$1,099 or more since each is hand painted from the photo(s) you provide. Any travel required to obtain photographs and artist time will be factored into the price quoted. If the photograph was taken by a third party professional, please obtain written permission to have a painting made from it before contacting us.

This art comes with shipping damage guarantees only. There are no returns and no exceptions for any of the art or media purchased here or for custom ordered portraits. Each is an original handcrafted painting or a signed limited edition print or GiClee. We guarantee authenticity of each originally crafted item purchased here. We do not supply frames and most of our paintings are gallery wrapped requiring no frame. We grant a single use, non-excusive right to display, but not to replicate in any fashion whatsoever the original art or media that you purchase here or from our affiliates. Each piece is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and an explanation of the use rights of the purchaser. Copyrights are retained solely by the creator of each work. All art is shipped USPS ground (other arrangements may require higher rates) and prices quoted include shipping and insurance. In the event that there is damage in shipping, please notify us promptly so that we may remedy the situation.

Signed limited editions cost less than original art. A GiClee print on canvas with a museum or gallary wrap will be individually ordered, signed and shipped to you with a certificate of authenticity. Please allow 3-7 weeks for this process. If you need a less costly replica, please visit ARTSCAPES at Imagekind. Prices to convert these paintings to prints are listed there for each painting. Replicas of our art and designer wear can be purchased with a 30 return guarantee from our ARTSCAPES at Imagekind and ARTSCAPES shops for gifts and clothing. These fulfillment companies are affiliates and partners and we have no relationship with their customer services.

If you purchase a video clip at this site the delivery will be by email or a link will be sent to you to download the media. On occasion a video clip may not play at your web site or for your computer presentation. If this is the case, please contact us. Our rate for technical support is $60/hour and we will solve the problem within 48 hours or refund your money and remove your license for the video.

You must be at least 18 to make a purchase here. Please review our policies and terms.

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