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Terms and Conditions of Sales and Service
Purchases of original and signed art, videos, custom painted house portraits and design products from this web site are non-refundable. The web media clips here have been tested. If you are unable to get our video to function at your web site, we reserve the right to provide assistance for our stated fees prior to determining if an exception will be made for you. This is our only method of protecting our proprietary media and designs. It is your responsibility to determine if your web hosting system will accept the file formats of each video purchased prior to purchase.

We reserve the right to review your web site prior to sending you media for download within 48 hours for the purchase of video to verify the location for licensed materials. Our production company will not supply video to any site that is not user friendly, child safe or that carries what we in our sole discretion determine to be misogynist, racist, homophobic, hateful, bigoted, violent or otherwise distasteful materials. If our investigation during the purchase reveals that the web site violates these standards, a full refund will be promptly issued. All video is licensed for a single site. Please order the correct number of licenses.

For replica art and design sales we use systems that verify your identity and protect both of us. PayPal is used for our video and original art, Cafepress and Imagekind for replication of our design products. These affiliates operate reputable businesses. We make no representations regarding these businesses other than our own satisfaction with their performance for the past twenty years. Our refund and exchange policies are listed with both PayPal, Cafepress and Imagekind and can be found here.

Availability of all of our tools, designs and services are subject to change without notice as are the prices for all of our tools and services. Please review all purchase, terms, policies and third party information prior to purchase.

Before we do business with you, we ask for a minimum amount of information. The information you give us is used exclusively to do business with you. We only share that information with third parties when you authorize us to do so or in compiled form for market research as explained in our Policies. We require that you are at least 18 years old to purchase from our stores. If you select a product from an affiliate marketing advertiser, we make no warrantees or guarantees regarding their products or services.
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